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GDO is one of the fastest growing dance competitions. Our 2023 qualifiers saw more then 4000 dancers and 1500 dancers compete at our 2023 finals from more than 35 countries. The driving force behind GDO has always been to provide talented artists with opportunities both recreationally & professionally which might have otherwise passed them by. We work with industry leaders and institutions to produce the highest quality dance competition across all genres of dance. GDO has given away close to 600 000 euros worth of international scholarships including 3 years tuition degree scholarships and company contracts by world renowned jury. Global Dance Open is a journey & experience you will not want to miss!

What sets GDO apart from many other dance competitions is the opportunities and connections we bring dancers. We believe that dance competitions should be more than just winning, we are dedicated to giving talented young dancers experiences and opportunities that are worth far more than a medal or trophy. Due to close connections and networking with many directors and professional schools worldwide, we are able to ensure that all our finals judges come from the most prestigious full time schools and institutions, bringing many scholarships and prizes with them.

Styles include: Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, National / Folklore, Hip Hop & Commercial, Tap, Show dance & Musical Theatre. 

IDO Competition Entries for 2024 coming soon…
Information to be updated soon, please check back!